Why Are Burial Vaults Required In Cemeteries?

By: David Tindall
Thursday, December 14, 2023

Burial vaults, often called outer burial containers or grave liners, are a common requirement in many cemeteries. Their presence may seem like an unnecessary expense to some, and they wonder- Why Are Burial Vaults Required in Cemeteries?

However, these simple containers serve several vital functions, contributing to the overall maintenance and respect for the deceased.

Why Are Burial Vaults Required in Cemeteries?

Here, the Tindall Funeral Home team provides information regarding Why Are Burial Vaults Required in Cemeteries?

1. Ground Stability

One of the primary reasons for using burial vaults is to prevent the ground above the grave from caving in. Traditional caskets, while sturdy, can decompose over time, leading to the collapse of the surrounding soil. This can create uneven surfaces, damage other graves, and pose a safety hazard for visitors. Burial vaults provide a robust and stable structure that supports the weight of the earth and prevents these issues.

2. Protection From The Elements

Burial vaults shield the casket and its contents from the harsh effects of the weather. Rainwater can seep into the ground and cause the casket to decompose, releasing harmful chemicals and potential contamination. Burial vaults provide a waterproof barrier that protects the casket from moisture, preventing water damage and potential environmental hazards.

3. Deterrence Of Grave Robbers

Historically, grave robbing was a relatively common occurrence, driven by the desire for valuables buried with the deceased. Although this practice is less prevalent today, burial vaults act as a deterrent, making accessing the casket significantly more challenging. This provides peace of mind for families, knowing their loved one's resting place is protected.

4. Preventing The Spread Of Disease

Burial vaults can help prevent the spread of disease by containing the body and any potential pathogens within the casket. This is particularly important in cases of infectious diseases, as it helps protect the health of cemetery workers and visitors.

5. Aesthetic Considerations

Burial vaults can contribute to the overall aesthetic of a cemetery. Many cemeteries have regulations regarding the appearance of graves, and burial vaults can help maintain a uniform and tidy look. They come in various materials and styles, allowing families to choose an option that complements their loved one's personality and preferences.

When choosing a burial vault, you must consider material, size, features, and budget factors.

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