Memory Making Family Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

By: David Tindall
Monday, December 19, 2022

It's bittersweet to celebrate Christmas while remembering loved ones who have passed away. An emotional void left by a loved one's passing could feel more crushing as the winter holidays approach. However, grieving doesn't have to mean abandoning family Christmas traditions. Although you're still grieving, there are various ways to honor the lives of those who have passed on.

Start New Family Christmas Traditions

In our experience at Tindall Funeral Home, we've noticed that many people have difficulty coping with their emotions throughout the Christmas season. One of the simplest ways to get out of this bind and start the New Year on a more positive note is to establish some new family Christmas traditions and create new experiences, such as:

1. Design A Centerpiece For A Memorial Table

Holiday gatherings often center around memorial tables for loved ones who have passed away, such as parents and grandparents. You might decorate a table as a memorial to the departed person. Have your guests bring a picture or memory of their loved one to share at the meal. Older children and adults can include small presents or donations that represent the celebration, while young kids can give their own handcrafted crafts.

2. Make Holiday Decorations

Making ornaments for the Christmas tree or other memorials to honor the departed can be a family affair. Memorial Christmas ornaments are a thoughtful way to remember loved ones who have passed away while also personalizing your holiday tree. Creating homemade tree ornaments is a great activity for families to do together in honor of a parent or grandmother. Making your holiday decorations is a fun way to start some unique family Christmas traditions with loved ones.

3. Look Into Some Vacation Spots

The holidays are a time when many children visit their parents and grandparents. Those who cannot travel to be with a deceased family member or friend can experience a sad and lonely Christmas season. To keep up the custom of taking a holiday trip, you should visit a new location this year.

4. Take Your Holiday Lunch Elsewhere

At the end of the end-of-the-year, family and friends celebrate by feasting on one another's culinary creations. Maybe you and your late parent or grandparent had a tradition of preparing the holiday feast together. If you cannot participate in a particular seasonal tradition, take it as a chance to start a new family Christmas tradition.

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