What’s Included In An Inexpensive Cremation?

By: David Tindall
Monday, October 17, 2022

Sometimes, a family needs to find inexpensive cremation options, either because a loved one does not want to spend money on a more lavish funeral or because the family does not have the means to do so. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that cremations are increasingly common and now make up roughly 60% of all funerals.

Services Included In Inexpensive Cremations

In our experience at Tindall Funeral Home, many of our clients are pleasantly surprised to discover that even a low-cost cremation comes with several critical official arrangements, including:

  • Cremation at a crematory- Before having your loved one cremated, you have the option of confirming their identity and possibly even witnessing the cremation process.
  • Secure care of the deceased- Once a body is brought to our crematory, it stays there until the family receives the cremains. Nobody else is involved. Knowing that the ashes returned are indeed those of a loved one is comfort.
  • Posting The Loved One’s Obituary On Our Website At No Cost- There will be no charge to the family for the funeral home to post a full obituary and photos of the deceased on their website. They will help you get an obituary published in the local paper of your choice but bear in mind that some newspapers charge a fee to run such notices.
  • We Can Schedule an In-Home Final Arrangement- One of our experts will come to your house at no extra cost to help you make important decisions if you make that request. We will obtain the death certificate. Most funeral homes offer reasonably priced cremations, including filing for the death certificate.
  • Veteran Services Are Included- We will help you apply for all the veteran's benefits to which you are entitled, including a veteran's flag and the grave markers, a free veteran's copy of the death certificate, and free interment in a veteran's cemetery.
  • Assistance With Final Benefits- Our staff will contact the Social Security Administration on your behalf and review all the benefits you are entitled to. We can also answer any questions about the decedent's life insurance policy.
  • Options on how cremains are handled - We are happy to assist you in finding an urn that meets your needs and financial constraints. Modern urns are available in a wide range of designs and price points. When a loved one passes away, some choose to have a portion of their ashes used to design a meaningful piece of jewelry as a memorial.

The funeral director can help you with any additional information you need regarding these options. Contact us at Tindall Funeral Home.

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