Scattering Ashes At Sea

By: David Tindall
Friday, August 26, 2022

At Tindall Funeral Home, we are often asked about the process of scattering ashes at sea or conducting a sea burial. When the cremation process is complete, the funeral home will return the ashes to you in an urn. You can then decide whether to keep them home or place them in a columbarium. You can also scatter them at sea and bury them in a cemetery or your backyard.

What Is Involved In Scattering Ashes At Sea?

Family and friends can travel to a specific location in the ocean to scatter a deceased loved one's cremated remains ("cremains") by boat. In most cases, this will necessitate hiring a ship and a captain for a few hours.

  • Once the vessel has arrived at its destination, the captain will turn the bow into the wind and increase the forward speed to ensure that the cremains does not blow back into the boat.
  • The tribute and ceremony can now begin. While traveling to the ceremony's location, loved ones can reflect on their times with the deceased while sharing stories and memories. Flower petals, white dove releases, fireworks, and other celebratory gestures can all be incorporated into this service.
  • Family members can scatter the cremains if they so wish; these are spread over the waves and allowed to sink to the bottom.
  • Guests are typically given a bouquet or individual flowers to scatter on the water's surface alongside the cremains.
  • The captain could take a few laps around the area while mourners gather for one last group photo and tearful farewells.

When the deceased's loved ones cannot travel to the scattering location, the captain of the yacht will take the urn containing the ashes to the desired location and handle the ceremony. Chanting a specific prayer or other similar requests can also be arranged.

Scattering Ashes At Sea- A Good Way to Memorialize Your Loved One

Most services also provide a recording of the scattering ceremony and a GPS coordinate for the site. Remember these always. This is a beautiful way to pay your respects to the deceased, and it's not unusual for families to want something out of the ordinary for a funeral or memorial service.


Please contact us for advice or information on our cremation pre-planning services or cremation urns. Our team is here to help you with all the details you need.

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