How A Pet's Death Affects Other Pets

By: David Tindall
Wednesday, June 15, 2022

It suffices to say that losing a pet is devastating for you and your household. But what about your family's non-human members? It is well-established that animals can experience sadness and loss, so it should not come as a surprise that the loss of a pet would have an effect on the other animals in your home. Continue reading to see how you may support your mourning dogs if your family experiences such a loss.

Grief in Pets

It is unknown if dogs or cats are capable of comprehending the conclusion and significance of a pet's death, and any proof that they can is completely anecdotal, according. Dogs and cats tend to notice when a partner is no longer there in their life, and they frequently respond in a manner that demonstrates how much they miss their companion.

Even if your pets were not very close and your surviving pet does not seem to notice the death of a pet, other pets are very sensitive to the emotional state of their human caretakers and may become depressed or melancholy as a result. Due to their pack-oriented nature, dogs might have an especially difficult time adapting to a change in family composition.

Dogs typically view the family, along with other pets, as a unit and learn their place and function in relation to everyone else. When a pack member dies, your dog may feel unclear about his job and place in the group. Cats are also sensitive animals though more independent by nature.

It’s crucial that you look out for signs of sadness in your pet and be there for them if you feel they are sensing the loss of another pet in your home. For more information on cremation, pre-planning services, or advice, contact Tindall Funeral Home at (315) 468-5521.

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