Managing Grief During The Holidays

By: David Tindall
Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Happy family, delectable food, and exquisitely wrapped presents make holidays cheerful and amazing, but not always. If you have recently lost a dear one, navigating this period may be quite difficult. There is no 100% effective remedy for sorrow. However, we at Tindall Funeral Home are aware that certain simple activities can help relieve emotional strain and manage your loss over the holiday season.

1. Set A Place For The Departed Soul

Your loved one remains an integral part of you. Therefore, just attempt to emphasize their presence by designating a special place at the festive dinner table for them. You can set a lovely platter. A candle placed on the dish can enhance the ambiance. While serving their favorite dishes, share stories of them and ask other family members to do the same.

2. Keep Yourself Busy

The holidays increase your feelings of sorrow for the person you've lost, but they're also a time to compose yourself. Invite a companion who enjoys indoor games such as chess or scrabble, and spend some time with them over a drink. Sharing memories of the individual will raise your spirits. You will temporarily forget about your mental distress and may even enjoy joining in on the celebrations afterward.

3. A Box Of Memories

If you are creative, create a lovely box with images of the individual glued on all four sides. Make a list of your memories and drop them in the box. Invite the family to a meal and ask that they bring their memory cards. After supper, read the cards reminiscing about your dear one, and sensing their presence. Return each remembrance paper with a small gift.

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