Do Women Serve As Pall Bearers At A Funeral?

By: David Tindall
Wednesday, July 28, 2021

At most funerals, it is common to see men carrying the casket, which raises the question- Do women serve as pallbearers at a funeral? At Tindall Funeral Home, clients sometimes ask us this question, and this post will give you some clarity on the topic.

Why Do Women Not Commonly Serve as Pallbearers?

Some people wonder whether gender bias or some cultural or religious norms prevent women from serving as pallbearers. However, this isn’t the case, and there is a practical and logical explanation for this. A funeral casket (along with the person’s body) can weigh upwards of 300 pounds, depending on the materials used in it. Metal caskets can be very heavy, just like some hardwood ones.

Men are naturally physically stronger than women and can carry this weight easily, compared to the latter. This aspect is why you will not see women as pallbearers. So, if a woman can manage the weight and chooses to serve as a pallbearer, she can.

An Important Task

Regardless of who carries the casket, the person needs to be emotionally and mentally strong. They should not suddenly break down while holding the casket. If someone wants to be a pallbearer but cannot manage the job physically, they can walk beside the casket (they are called honorary pallbearers.)

If you find that serving as a pallbearer gives you some solace, you should do it, regardless of gender. You can discuss this with your family and get their suggestions on it as well.

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